Take action

Support, organize, advocate and fundraise!

Host a screening of Vessel documentary

Nonprofits, students, activists and educators have hosted hundreds of screenings of Vessel around the world, using the screenings as events to raise awareness around medical abortion. To host a screening, please write to: vesselthefilm@gmail.com

Vessel is an award-winning documentary that follows Women on Web's founder Dr Rebecca Gomperts around the world and chronicles her work, campaigns and activism around safe abortion access and human rights.

Peer-to-peer fundraisers

Every year our enthusiastic volunteers set up personal fundraisers to engage within their networks to raise awareness and fundraise for the Women on Web services. You can set up a personal fundraising page, throw a workplace fundraiser or plan a community event or campaign and donate the proceeds to our service.

You can join our fundraising campaign and set up your personal fundraising page here.

Share you ideas and write to us at info@womenonweb.org

For inspiration read about a jewelry artist who donated to our efforts through her handicraft: Contributing to reproductive justice through earrings.

Stick with us and spread the word 

Distribute and glue our stickers in public spaces or bathrooms. You can find templates for the stickers here. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your stickers!

Have a look what our Irish advocates did with our stickers: Sticking up for choice

Make illustration or design

If you are keen to make illustrations or designs and would like to make one or even several for us to be used on our social media and in our campaigns, please share you ideas and write to us at info@womenonweb.org

Write an article or op-ed

We try our best to keep our website updated with information and news related to abortion and digital rights issues. If you have a piece that you would like to publish on our website, please pitch your idea and drop us an email!

Let's talk about Women on Web

Join local discussions forums (ex. Reddit) and social media groups where women seek help. Share information about our safe service and warn against scammers. Keep us posted and let us know about the responses to your posts!

Catch scammers 

Join local market places where women go to buy abortions pills and warn users from scammers. Keep an eye out for websites and social media accounts that are disguised as Women on Web.  Please keep us informed about your findings and report back to us at info@womenonweb.org.

All ideas are welcome!

Sometimes we have too many ideas to choose from and hesitate to share them because of "what if"... Don't be too cautious and don't stamp out new ideas, every successful initiative kicks off with team work and benefits from great timing. If your ideas cannot be implemented right away, who knows, maybe in the future. Share your creativity with us!