Free Abortion Care and Therapy for Ukrainians

Donate to support Ukranian refugees access abortion care and therapy

We, the Women on Web Team, ask you to support our dear and trusted collleagues from Martynka Hotline, an Ukrainian Organisation operating in Poland.


While international news on the ongoing full-scale war in Ukraine decreased,  support for emergency abortion care, reliable funding, and international solidarity is needed more than ever.

Our hard working colleagues at Martynka provide safe shelter and abortion care for rape victims, support for human trafficking survivors, and psychological and legal counselling for refugees.

Martynka and Women on Web have been working together since the early days of the war when Martynka launched as a hotline. We are now managing complex cases together to provide holistic care to those in need, which may require abortion provision, shelter, therapy sessions and legal counselling. 

In August alone, Martynka organized 212 free psychological consultations, 20 hours of legal support for refugee women, provided support for 2 survivors of human trafficking and helped 10 migrant women do abortion or obtain the morning-after pill in Poland. Since the beginning of operations (March 15th 2022), Martynkas team of 7 women has supported over 1000 refugees.


Please join us in supporting Martynka to keep their crucial services running! It's a time where international funding for Ukranian survivors is drastically lacking. Your help is very much appreciated and makes an immediate difference! 




Thank you for your generous contributions and support! 


Warm regards,

The Women on Web Team


All donations will go directly towards Martynka's work.