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From Bench to Bed into the Hands of Women: Medical Abortion

Medical abortion has been a revolutionary discovery for sexual and reproductive…

Calling All Visual Arts Students

Women on Web wants to see your artwork!

Telemedical Abortion as an Alternative for Women in Japan

Japan is still far behind many other countries in the field of Reproductive…

Argentina: El comienzo de una nueva era para el aborto

El 30 de Diciembre del 2020, Argentina se convirtió en el país más grande de…

Demanda contra el gobierno de España por bloquear página web sobre aborto durante la pandemia del COVID19

España, 27 de enero 2021 – Women on Web, con el apoyo legal de Women's Link…

A Vaccinated, Unrestricted, Liberating 2021!

Dear friends, partners, supporters, colleagues,  In February 2020, we…

Post-abortion care – emotional responses to abortion

Will I be depressed after an abortion?

Breaking Down the Myths Around Abortions: Misinformation & the Digitalization of Anti-Abortion Groups

Searching for information about abortions can be confusing and scary.

Abortion and Choice in Malta: Interview with Doctors for Choice

In Malta, abortion is prohibited under all circumstances. We talked to Dr.

Women on Web presenta Amicus Curiae ante la Corte Constitucional de Colombia

El 16 de septiembre de 2020, Causa Justa, una red compuesta por más de 90…

Free medical abortions for women with fetal indications in Poland

25-10-2020 for immediate release

On October 22, 2020, the Polish Constitutional…

WHO supports self-managed medical abortion up to 12 weeks

WHO recommends that individuals up to 12 weeks pregnant can self-administer…

Press Release: Women on Web Korea’s Official Twitter Account Suspended by Twitter

Twitter suspends abortion facilitator and advocacy group, Women on Web’s

TIME 100: Rebecca Gomperts is among the 100 most influential people of 2020

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, founder of Women on Web and Women on Waves, has been…