Women from Brasil and their Abortion experience

Ciênc. saúde coletiva vol.23 no.10 Rio de Janeiro out. 2018
Research by Nanda Isele Gallas Duarte, Lorena Lima de Moraes and Cristiane Batista Andrade

This paper analyzes the narratives about abortion experiences available on Women on Web to discuss the methods and strategies to which women resort, facing the legal impossibility of voluntarily interrupting a pregnancy and the effects of the criminalization of induced abortion.

The methodology used was virtual ethnography, observing the platform Women on Web, collection and analysis of 18 narratives publicly available without restrictions, selected between November 2016 and January 2017. The narratives report mixed methods to perform an abortion, with widespread use of Cytotec. Some cases include hospitals and medical clinics in the paths, whether to conduct examinations or attend to intercurrences. The internet appears as a popular tool to gather information, negotiate and even purchase abortive drugs, as well as a platform to share experiences. We concluded that the narratives point to insecurities, risks, and violence to which women are submitted in clandestine setting; they show the relevance of debate on decriminalizing abortion in Brazil, and also reinforce the existence of a shared abortion culture, as stated in other studies.

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