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Aborté y no me arrepiento. I do not regret my abortion.

2011 Ekvador

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

la ilegalidad y una sociedad que juzga, reprime y criminaliza la decisión de elegir, provoca inseguridad, miedo y demasiadas dudas (que no apuntan a lo que como ser humano, mujer, individuo, en realidad quieres o no). Un aborto no es planeado ni algo a lo que aspiras, pero tampoco debe ser motivo de culpa, vergüenza o castigo. Una mujer decidida y libre es feliz, siendo madre o no. In a country that is illegal and with a society that judges, punishes and criminalizes the decision to choose, cause insecurity, fear, and too many doubts (that are not related to what a human being/woman wants or doesn't want to). An abortion is not planned or something to aspire for, but it shouldn't be a cause of guilt, shame or punishment. A free and determined woman is happy, being a mother or not.

How did you do the abortion?

Estaba totalmente convencida de practicarme el aborto y me había informado, así que tome algunos analgésicos y no fue más doloroso que un cólico menstrual. Después me sentí aliviada, tranquila. I was totally convinced to get an abortion and I was very well informed, so I took some painkillers and it wasn't more painful than menstrual cramps. Then I felt relieved.

What was your situation at this time?

no quería ser madre (no sé si algún día quiera tener hij@s), no tenía una pareja estable, no quería continuar un embarazo no deseado. I didn't want to be mother (actually, I don't know if I ever want to have children), I wasn't in a stable relationship, I didn't want to continue an unwanted pregnancy

Kürtajınızın yasadışı olması duygularınızı etkiledi mi?

Por supuesto, en mi país por ser ilegal fue difícil y peligroso (riesgo en mi salud y de ir a la cárcel). Estaba asustada. Of course, in my country is illegal, so it was difficult and dangerous (risk in my health and going to jail). I was scared.


What is your religion?


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