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  • Women on Web and South Korea

    Abortion in South Korea is regulated by chapter 27 of the Criminal Code of 1953. An addendum was made in 1973 - the Mother and Child Health Act - which permits abortion within 24 weeks, when the pregnant woman or her partner suffers from a hereditary - mental or physical - disease, or from a… Tümünü oku »

  • The involvement of Women on Web and Women on Waves in the legalization of abortion in Northern Ireland

    Women on Waves collaborated with Northern Irish abortion rights activists since 2001. During the  abortion ship campaign in Ireland  many abortion rights activists from Northern Ireland came down to Dublin participate in the campaign.  On march 12, 2013. Alliance for Choice published an open… Tümünü oku »

  • Women on Web and the legalisation of abortion in the Isle of Man

    The first step toward legalization of Abortion in the Isle of Man was taken in January 2017 after Dr Allinson received permission to bring forward a private members bill and asked for consultation  on the draft Abortion Reform  Bill. Women on Web submitted a  response to the consultation . On… Tümünü oku »

  • Women on Web testimony for the Supreme Court in Brasil

    Brazil’s Supreme Court holds a two-day public hearing that started on Friday August 3. The court will consider whether Brazil’s restrictive abortion laws are violating constitutional protections. The ADPF case was filed on March 8, 2017 by the Socialism and Freedom Party, together with the Anis Tümünü oku »

  • Women on Web, Women on Waves and the abortion referendum in Ireland

    Women on Waves first abortion ship campaign took place in Ireland in 2001 . It was the first time a proactive abortion rights campaign took place in Ireland. Within a few days, 300 women had contacted the ship's hotline. T he extent of demand surprised everyone, including the Irish partner… Tümünü oku »

  • Internet as Woman’s Rights

    Today, right to access internet seems inseparable from abortion rights. With internet, women or people with unwanted pregnancies can access telemedical safe abortion service: Women on Web by filling an online consultation through . If there are no contraindications, medical abortion… Tümünü oku »

  • Essential medicines list WHO updated!

    2019-07-10: Mifepristone and misoprostol  are in now on the Core Model List of Essential Medicines.  The requirement that close medical supervision for administration of mifepristone-misoprostol for medical abortion, is removed. And the combination package containing 1 tablet mifepristone 200… Tümünü oku »

  • German court cases on providing information

    German abortion providers who give information on their websites to their patients about abortion methods, risks, cost etc have been facing problems. Information is judged as advertising and therefore banned by German Criminal Code 219a. Also the lately revised 219a does not allow any information… Tümünü oku »

  • Self-Managed Abortion: Bring Back the Power

    Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP) hosted The Youth Advocacy Refresher in Mumbai on 10-12 May 2019. Youth champions from all around Asia attended this event including participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. Each country shared their experiences and… Tümünü oku »

  • 28 September - Mission: Abortion

    For International Safe Abortion Day on 28th September 2019, Cempaka Collective organised “Mission: Abortion” at Rumah Cempaka, Kuala Lumpur. From 11 AM until 11 PM, the exhibition was set to bring up conversation about current state of safe abortion in Malaysia and also addressing the gender-neural… Tümünü oku »

  • Malaysia: Websites Providing Abortion Pills Are Under Investigation

    2019-04-18 Tümünü oku »

  • Explained: Germany's plans to change controversial abortion laws

    What happens in Germany? Tümünü oku »

  • YouTube Menyembunyikan Informasi Aborsi Aman

    YouTube 3 kali menghapus kanal video Women on Web dan Women on Waves sepanjang 2018. Artinya, mereka menghilangkan informasi yang benar terkait aborsi aman. Ketiadaan informasi itu bisa membuat banyak perempuan beralih pada aborsi tidak aman yang malah membahayakan dirinya. Jadi, apa yang… Tümünü oku »

  • When Abortion Is Illegal, Women Rarely Die. But They Still Suffer.

    This article shows abortion situation in some countries: Argentina, United States, El Salvador, Brazil, and Ireland. Tümünü oku »

  • Perempuan El Salvador Dituduh Melakukan Upaya Aborsi terhadap Anak dari Pemerkosanya

    Seorang penyintas perkosaan di El Salvador—yang dituduh mencoba aborsi—kembali bebas pada Senin lalu. Hakim memutuskan bahwa ia tidak bersalah dan mengurangi hukumannya.   Putusan hakim menjadi preseden yang sangat penting untuk memperjuangkan hak perempuan.   Ia mengalami kehamilan pada… Tümünü oku »

  • El aborto en Italia, en entredicho por la alta tasa de ginecólogos objetores

    El aborto en Italia es legal en Italia desde hace 40 años sin embargo su aplicación en ciertas regiones es muy complicada. De hecho, más del 70% de los ginecólogos del país se declaran objetores de conciencia. Tümünü oku »

  • Women from Brasil and their Abortion experience

    Ciênc. saúde coletiva vol.23 no.10 Rio de Janeiro out. 2018
    Research by Nanda Isele Gallas Duarte, Lorena Lima de Moraes and Cristiane Batista Andrade

    This paper analyzes the narratives about abortion experiences available on Women on Web to discuss the methods and strategies to which… Tümünü oku »

  • Google Maps Menghambat Akses Aborsi Aman

    Teknologi kerap membantu perempuan yang ingin mengakses aborsi aman. Ia bisa menjadi pengantar perempuan pada informasi yang benar sehingga bisa mengatasi situasinya. Sayangnya, kelompok antiaborsi di Inggris, Skotlandia, dan Wales juga memanfaatkan teknologi sebagai tipu daya terhadap perempuan… Tümünü oku »

  • กิจกรรมรณรงค์วันสากลแห่งการทำแท้งอย่างปลอดภัย

    ตัวแทนจากทาง Women on Web /วีเม่น ออน เว็บ/ ได้เข้าร่วมในกิจกรรมรณรงค์ส่งเสริมสนับสนุนทางเลือกของผู้หญิง และมีการยื่นหนังสือร้องเรียนต่อศาลรัฐธรรมนูญ “การทำแท้งไม่ใช่อาชญากรรม ผู้หญิงไม่ใช่อาชญากร” Tümünü oku »

  • The State of Abortion in Malaysia

    Abortion can be done in Malaysia under some circumstances, according to the Penal Code. However, the access to safe abortion in Malaysia is still limited due to personal values of the medical practitioners. Tümünü oku »

  • 28 de septiembre: Día de Acción Global por un aborto legal y seguro

    Esta fecha también es conocida como Día Mundial por la Despenalización y Legalización del Aborto. La iniciativa surgió en 1990 en el V Encuentro Feminista Latinoamericano y del Caribe y la convocatoria se ha extendido a nivel internacional sido asumida por redes internacionales y locales en… Tümünü oku »

  • Situación del aborto en México

    2018: 30 de agosto, GIRE presentó el informe Maternidad o castigo. La criminalización del aborto en México, un documento que muestra los alcances de la penalización del aborto en la vida de las mujeres en México. Para ello, incluye una radiografía del marco normativo sobre aborto en el país, así… Tümünü oku »

  • Philippine: Access to Safe Abortion in Restrictive Setting

    Women on Web attended the 2nd International Exchange Workshop that was organized by Pinsan (Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network) in Manila on 16—18 August 2018. More than 50 participants from many countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Ireland, Tanzania, Puerto Rico, and Poland… Tümünü oku »

  • Brazil: “rich (women) abort but the poor die”

    Last Friday hundreds of women marched in Rio  de Janeiro  to demand the legalization of abortion. The motivation of the March were the happenings in Argentina  where the lower house of Congress approved a bill that would legalize elective abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.      … Tümünü oku »

  • Sto lat walki o prawo do aborcji w Polsce - Kalendarium

    46 proc. Polek i Polaków popiera dopuszczenie aborcji na żądanie kobiety. Tylko 32 procent jest przeciwnych.
    Tymczasem rząd PiS od dwóch lat myśli raczej o zaostrzeniu i tak bardzo już restrykcyjnej ustawy antyaborcyjnej. Tümünü oku »

  • Training on medical abortion and Post-Abortion Care in Democratic Republic of Congo

    In February 2018, Marlies and Leticia from Women on Waves provided a five-day training
    session on medical abortion, post-abortion care, contraceptives, legal aspects of safe abortion,
    and how to communicate and create a safe abortion project. Tümünü oku »

  • Inroads - break abortion stigma! meeting

    On March 10th three Women on Web members went to Zagreb, Croatia, for the Inroads Global Gathering Meeting. The aim of the Women on Web presence there was to map new actors, projects and strategies as well as to find new contacts and project possibilities in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. Tümünü oku »

  • Giving Lectures to the medical students in the University of Groningen

    We give lectures to the medical students in the universities about safe medical abortion to disseminate information about madical abortion and to give information about Mifepristone and Misoprostol. And also about the process. And telling about Women On Waves/Web organisations and how they care to… Tümünü oku »

  • DRC: When can a woman legally interrupt a pregnancy?

    When the pregnancy endangers the mental and physical health of the mother or the life of the mother or the fetus, or in case of sexual assault, rape or incest, the Maputo Protocol, ratified by the DRC, decriminalizes the practice of abortion. Tümünü oku »

  • ยาสอด ยาขับ vs ยาทำแท้ง ยายุติการตั้งครรภ์

    ยาทำแท้ง ยาสอด ยาขับ ยายุติการตั้งครรภ์ จะเรียกอย่างไร และยาเหล่านี้เหมือนกันหรือไม่ เรามาหาคำตอบกันค่ะ Tümünü oku »

  • Latin American women’s experiences with medical abortion.

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  • Abortion News Articles Translated in Arabic

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  • Abortion News in Spanish

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