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602 financial issues


I had two abortions by the time I was 23 and a third when I was 29. All…


I am going through an abortion at the mo .i am greatful to women on web to have…

Claudia Aviles

i had an abortion, and 10 years later i became a mother. you have the right to…


J'ai avorté quand j'avais 18 ans. Je ne le regrette pas, je suis fière d'avoir…


i'm irish, i had an abortion while living in the netherlands.

Van Nessa

I had an abortion.

Sylvie Shene

A Life-Saving Experience Thank you for asking people to share their abortion…


Cuando tenia 18 años me hice un aborto con citotec.Quede embarazada aunque…

Ewa Izabela

I am pro-choice

Dawn & Kevin

I had two abortions