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143 disappointed


Fiz um aborto

Dina Wood

I had an abortion.It was illegal in the United States at the time, but I was…

Sram Mie

I had an abortion last year and I`m pregnant again. When a friend of mine once…

Amy Martinez

I had an abortion


I had an abortion at 15...and my life is still going well


I had two abortions by the time I was 23 and a third when I was 29. All…


I had an abortion-it was a difficult decision...


i'm irish, i had an abortion while living in the netherlands.

Regina Powell

I had an abortion and I'm about to have another.


I had an abortion only a few months ago. I'm 30, a praticing Christian, a…


I had an abortion in the US a few years ago. I think it is important for all of…