Women on Web’s 15-year Anniversary Social Media Toolkit

Starting May 13th, 2021, Women on Web will launch our 15-year Anniversary social media campaign for 15 consecutive days.


We’d like you to be a part of it!



Women on Web is a Canada-based telemedicine abortion service committed to providing access to safe medical abortion to those with limited or restricted access. We offer information on reproductive health and contraception and provide online consultations for abortion care. Our services are available in 25 languages and we provide care to almost 200 countries. We are celebrating 15 years of service and wish to share this with your online communities.  


From May 13th- 28th, we will be celebrating with a thematic post each day. With the images and corresponding captions provided, we would appreciate if you would share our posts anytime during this period.


As a Call to Action to learn more about telemedicine abortion services, self-managed abortion, and to donate to our service, we are announcing some new changes to our mandate. These include our role in the fight for digital rights, our research programs, and our advocacy for self-managed abortion as a viable option not only in cases of emergency, but as an option available based on preference as well.

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, we have seen several countries including France, Ireland, the UK, and the US implement additional measures to expand access to telemedicine abortion during the pandemic. This has seen positive results, including earlier termination times and a more equal access with regard to travel, time off work, and childcare. This marks an important transition for women and pregnant people who struggle with access barriers in regions where abortion is legal and offers an empowering option to manage their abortion themselves. Telemedicine abortion means more privacy and anonymity in areas where stigma is still very prevalent, or those seeking abortion care are in dangerous situations.


We ask that you share any or all of these prepared posts on any social media platform you or your organization may be active on.

Instagram: @abortionpil

Facebook: Women on Web, @womenonwebif

Twitter: @WoWabortionpill

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If you would like to get in touch with Women on Web or would like to share our contact, please email info@womenonweb.org or visit/refer to our website at womenonweb.org. Below, we have provided suggested captions to correspond with images created for the campaign. Please feel free to add, change, or create a more personalized caption where appropriate.

Images 1-3 can be shared at any point during the campaign (May 13th-28th).

Image 1

Women on Web Campaign-15for15-Telemedicine.png


Women on Web has always had several doctors and medical professionals on staff who have always put their trust in women and pregnant people's ability to know their own bodies and their own needs.

In 2008, Women on Web as a telemedicine abortion service was covered by the media, “Women risk health by using abortion websites”. Nine years later, the same media covered Women on Web's story with a totally different perspective, “Abortion pills: Everything you need to know.”

Women on Web has been providing medical abortion access for 15 years! Help them celebrate by visiting [Insert applicable social media handle] or womenonweb.org and donating 15 for 15 today!


Image 2

Women on Web Campaign-15for15-Self manage.png


Women on Web is a telemedicine abortion service that empowers women and pregnant people to self-manage their abortion in the privacy of their own home. With the COVID-19 pandemic still forcing stay-at-home measures around the world, Women on Web is a safe and reliable option for those looking to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

This month they celebrate 15 years of service! To follow their anniversary, donate to their 15 for 15 campaign or check out their service, go to [Insert applicable social media handle] or visit their website at womenonweb.org. 


Image 3

Women on Web Campaign-15for15-Safe Medical Abortions at Home.png


Women on Web has been providing safe, self-managed abortions to women and pregnant people for 15 years now! Over the course of 15 years, Women on Web has gone from providing abortion pills to restricted areas and advocating for emergency medical abortion care, to front-lining over 20 research studies and illuminating reproductive rights’ role in the digital era. As they celebrate their 15 -year anniversary, we wish them well in all their future endeavors and look forward to their contributions in the years to come! To follow their anniversary or donate to their 15 for 15 years campaign, visit [Insert applicable social media handle] or womenonweb.org.

Happy anniversary, Women on Web!


Image 4

Image 4 we have created to be shared specifically during our final week (May 24th -28th).

Women on Web Campaign-15for15-Safe abortion with pills.png


Exciting news from our friends at Women on Web! As they celebrate their 15-year anniversary, they have announced new leadership and a new direction for the coming years. Women on Web has been providing women and pregnant individuals with safe, effective medical abortions for 15 years now, and while initially serving those in restricted areas, WoW advocating telemedicine as an option available for preference and empowerment. Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, countries such as France, Ireland, the UK, and the US have widened their scope to include medical abortions as a means of public safety. Research suggests self-managed abortions have improved wait times and relieved issues of travel, childcare, and work schedules. This is the future of abortion care, and we invite you to celebrate with Women on Web as they inspire new paths of self-managed healthcare. Follow Women on Web at [Insert applicable social media handle] or visit their website to donate to their 15 for 15 campaign! Congratulations, Women on Web! Looking forward to what’s next…

All images can be downloaded here.

Suggested Hashtags (local language and community hashtags are encouraged as well):

#abortionwithdignity #abortionautonomy #WoWturns15 #WoW15for15


Thank you in advance for your time and participation.



Women on Web

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