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I had an abortion

2011 Filipinas (nascido em Italy)

Quais foram seus sentimentos em relação ao aborto(s)?

i don't believe that other people should decide what we should feel about being pregnant. It should be our own choice and the people around us should support our decision instead of saying its immoral. I respect other peoples choices and religious believes but they should do the same for me and everyone else like me.

Como fez o aborto?

scary on my own... unsure of what to expect.

Como era a sua situação nessa altura?

im not ready. i don't think i will ever be ready but it should be my choice.

A ilegalidade de seu aborto afetou seus sentimentos?

i feel bad. Women should have that right to choose not to have children legally.

Como as outras pessoas reagiram ao seu aborto?

some of my friends understood, others were not that open about it

Tem filhos?

Qual é a sua religião?


Zawsze miałam bolesne miesiączki, wiec spodziewałam się, ze będzie naprawdę…


I had an abortion and I'm so pleased that I had that option. I was only 18…


Medical abortion is easy, provides instant relief


yo decidi un aborto,

Manuela L

E não me arrependo.

Carolina Posso

I had an abortion porque me sentía sola, sentía que todo el mundo se iba a…

Anna K.

nie żałuję,


I had an abortion and it was worth it, absolutely no regrets.


I had an abortion


Yo aborte

kate swanson

I didn't intend it to, but safe, legal abortion played a huge part in my family…


My first pregnancy came quite unexpectedly. I was 17 and my boyfriend and I had…

F. B

Vivi 2 meses em um pesadelo




Wczoraj dokonałam aborcji.
Odejście od męża, związanie się z nowym, wydawałoby…


Wieść o ciąży była dla mnie szokiem, ale mogłam się jej spodziewać bo niestety…


No Regrets.