Deel je ervaring

It was the right decision just hard than i thought it would to deal with

2015 Verenigde Staten

Hoe voelde je je over de abortus?

I feel like i shouldnt of but deep down i knew i had to do it.

How did you do the abortion?

My abortion hurt because i had to take two little white pills before the procedure bc of how far along i was it was extremely painful

What was your situation at this time?


What is your religion?


I had an abortion and I do not regret my choice. It is very important to me to…

Aguaperdida Pam

Fue una decisión muy difícil pero estoy segura de que fue la mejor.
Un embarazo

Martina Martina

Un acto irresponsable pero a la vez un sentimiento de alivio.


I had an abortion and don't regret it.

Mandy Amanda

Hora de recomeçar


Terça, 08 de agosto de 2017, 8:00 h.
Foi esse dia que eu descobri que estava…


Aún grito perdón


Yo aborte. No fue una decisión fácil. No entraré en detalles del porqué tome la…

Ania anonimowa

Odpowiednia pora.


I had a Medical Abortion - Painful Experience, Life Changing


Something that has carried with me ever since.


I had an abortion


Lo hice por amor al bebé, no me merecía como mamá.


I was 22 turning 23 when I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant. The father and I…

Dawn & Kevin

I had two abortions


Ser mamá por elección, no a la fuerza.


Fiz um aborto com 21 anos, foi uma escolha que sempre lembrarei e que modificou…

thya thya

hari ini harusnya usia kandungan sy menjelang 12 minggu , sy gagal pertahankan…