About the "I had an abortion" project

This project supports women seeking abortions, promotes access to this basic right, and brings about social change. Women who have had abortions do not need to suffer in anonymous silence any longer.

Abortion is the most commonly performed medical intervention. Every year, one of each four pregnant women decide to have an abortion for a wide range of reasons. Due to the taboos, shame and stigma, most women keep silent about their abortions. Most women experiencing an unwanted pregnancy think they are an exception. Lawmakers ignore the consequences of unsafe and illegal abortions. Women are ostracized and criminalized.
The reality of abortion must be brought out into the open, so that every woman can have access to reliable information and support. This project enables you to speak out, share your stories, your portrait and contribute to the solidarity and support of women around the world.

This site is a forum for all of you who will not hide in shame but who will openly discuss their choices, who will let your  voices be heard, either to show your support or to share your experiences. When you participate, you will help to end the systematic shaming of women around the world.