"I had an abortion" project

Women on Web encourages women and pregnant people to speak out and share their abortion stories to help break the abortion stigma and taboo.

Due to taboos, shame and stigma, most women and pregnant people keep silent about their abortions. Many people experiencing unintended pregnancies think they are an exception and feel lonely and isolated before, during and after abortion. Women and pregnant people who have had abortions or are seeking an abortion should not suffer in silence.

Women may be silenced but they are not alone. In fact abortion is the most commonly performed medical intervention and 1 out of every 4 pregnant people decides to have an abortion for a wide range of private reasons. These unique experiences and women’s voices need to be amplified to break the silence around abortions and share reliable information on abortion care.

Women on Web provides a safe space for women and pregnant people to share their experiences as nobody should hide in shame. When you participate in this project, you contribute to ending the silence around abortion.