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Abortion via Teleconsultation in France: Interview with Dr. Philippe Faucher

by Clémence Chbat*   Philippe Faucher is an obstetrician-gynecologist, he is…

PRESS RELEASE | Online Abortion Service Women on Web Welcomes New Executive Director

For immediate release, 25/05/2021 Women on Web, a Canada-based international…

Women on Web’s 15-year Anniversary Social Media Toolkit

Starting May 13th, 2021, Women on Web will launch our 15-year Anniversary…

PRESS RELEASE | Women on Web Telemedicine Abortion Service Turns 15!

For 15 years now, Women on Web, the first ever telemedical abortion service

From Bench to Bed into the Hands of Women: Medical Abortion

Medical abortion has been a revolutionary discovery for sexual and reproductive…

Calling All Visual Arts Students

Women on Web wants to see your artwork!

Telemedical Abortion as an Alternative for Women in Japan

Japan is still far behind many other countries in the field of Reproductive…

Argentina: The Dawn of a New Era for Abortion

On December 30, 2020, Argentina became the largest Latin American country to…

Courtcase against Spanish government for blocking abortion website during COVID19

Spain, 27 January 2021 – Women on Web, with legal support from Women’s Link…

中絶後のケア –  中絶後の心理的精神的反応


ワクチン承認! 中絶薬承認! 2021年は自由の年!