WoW End-Of-Year Recap

As the year draws to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the past 12 months that have been marked by resilience, progress, and collective power of our community. This year has been a journey of shared leadership, advocacy, and community-building, and we're thrilled to share the strides we've made together. From breaking down barriers to abortion access online and offline to holding space for critical conversations, our team's commitment has been the driving force behind our shared achievements. In this end-of-year newsletter, we reflect on the inspiring milestones and partnerships that fuel our determination for the year ahead. Thank you for being part of our community and standing with us in the pursuit of reproductive freedom. 

2023 Impact in Numbers

Women on Web works at the forefront of supporting women and pregnant people in almost 200 countries to access safe abortion with pills. Our dedicated 24/7 helpdesk has responded to 82,000 emails this year – that’s an average of 228 daily emails in 19 different languages! 

This year, we experienced a 14% increase in abortion care requests, totaling 38,000. Request for abortion pills for future use also grew by 36% from 2022, demonstrating the benefits of having abortion pills in advance and the growing need for such services. 


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Request abortion pills for future use here


In 2023, Women on Web’s website saw an unprecedented number of visitors from multiple countries around the world including  Poland,  Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Palestine, the Philippines, Samoa, and Trinidad and Tobago. The growing global visibility with more than 320,000 individuals interacting with our content underscores the impact and reach of our work. We are deeply thankful to local groups and communities for their trust and for being our loyal referral partner at the grassroot level. Much love to every one of you! 

Messages from our care seekers

Thank you for running such an organisation that allows people the freedom of choice over their own lives (Qatar)

Thank you very much for the guidance and support. Thank you for helping people in my situation. Prosperity and success to Women on web (Benin) 

Once again, thank you very much for your attention, your constant accompaniment, and your affection. Thank you for your support and for being there, you don't know how important it is (Chile) 

Thank you for supporting me it means a lot to me with two kids and my husband, and I am out of job at the moment. It’s difficult to have another baby on the way when we are struggling financially, thank you for website like you that support people in such situations, I appreciate it means a lot to me especially in a country with strict rules against abortion (United Arab Emirates) 

Thank you very much for your availability and above all your professionalism (Italy) 

The package was received in the mail today, it was fast, I was able to track it as well. Thank you very much for the service and help you provide to women. It’s worth more than you think (Malaysia) 

Major highlights of 2023 

This year, we achieved major milestones with the successful launch of the Abortion Framing Toolkit and the Find Your Abortion Project (FYAP). The Abortion Framing Toolkit offers step-by-step guidance to amplify a positive narrative for the abortion movement. The toolkit is packed with visuals and examples for inspiration from all around the world and is available in English, French, Spanish, and Thai. Download for free from our website. FYAP  is a global database designed to help women and pregnant people seeking abortion find support and access in over 200 countries.   

Bidding farewell to Global Care 

2023 also saw the conclusion of the Global Consortium for Abortion and Reproductive Self-care (Global Care). We are proud of the impact created through this Consortium where we exchanged knowledge and experiences on telemedicine, self-management of abortion, hotlines, and positive narratives with 11 IPPF Member Associations spanning 4 continents for over 2 years. 

Knowledge generation, exchange, and transfer 

In a year dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge, we completed five ground-breaking research in Germany, Malta, the Netherlands, and Turkey along with one extensive worldwide research! The research covered a wide range of topics, including reasons for choosing telemedicine abortion, user perspectives on pre-abortion ultrasound, the impact of COVID-19 on abortion access, and characteristics of individuals accessing abortion in highly restrictive legal settings.  

Our team attended and presented at over 10 international and regional conferences and gatherings, engaging with both global and local communities and bringing back diverse perspectives and experiences to enrich our work. We are immensely thankful for the time spent with inspiring individuals we met at events like Women Deliver in Rwanda, RightsCon in Costa Rica, International Symposium on the Role of Nurses in Abortion Provision in Colombia, and CLALAI VII in Panama. A special shout-out to our friends at Women First Digital for their hospitality and for hosting us at their table during Women Deliver.

As part of our commitment to knowledge transfer, a series of 10 workshops, training, Instagram lives, and webinars were held both online and in-person. These events reached over 1,000 attendees globally on topics such as abortion self-care, human rights, policy and politics of gendered discourse, telemedicine, and the role of technology in increasing access to sexual and reproductive health. 

Global movement and community to push for positive change 

In 2023, our global outreach efforts were more vibrant than ever. We launched 3 campaigns: a fundraiser for Martynka Helpline,  Abortion Actually to document self-managed abortion stories, and finally a campaign with MeToo Iran. These 3 campaigns together reached a whopping 129,165 people! We raised over $2000 for Martynka Hotline, a 24/7 support line created to support Ukrainian refugees in Poland to access abortion care, emergency contraceptives, and safe accommodation. Our joint fundraiser is still open until the end of December. You can donate here

We stood in solidarity with local communities and networks in South Korea and Italy. This is a testament to our commitment to grassroots change.

For World Safe Abortion Day, our team marched in Madrid with Comisión por el derecho al Aborto de Madrid to demand the Spanish government to execute the Supreme Court’s decision to unblock Women on Web’s website. 

Digital rights advocacy

Throughout this year Women on Web continued to spearhead the fight against the digital suppression of online abortion information.  

Despite the Supreme Court ruling in our favor, our website remains blocked in Spain. South Korea and Turkey have also blocked access to and in both countries Women on Web is pursuing legal action against the censorship. In South Korea, following a court ruling to keep our website blocked, we are now appealing and preparing a constitutional challenge to restore access to our site.

Our posts, ads, and entire accounts are constantly taken down by Instagram and Facebook and Google's unpredictable updates to search ranking algorithms have at times resulted in loosing more than 40% of our abortion pill requests - all the while they allow fake clinics to rank high in their search results.

Women on Web has teamed up with SRHR, human rights and internet freedom organizations and led panels and workshops throughout the world, bringing global awareness to this crucial issue and pressuring Big Tech to implement more policy transparency and accountability.     

This year, our team facilitated a popular workshop at RightsCon, alongside Amnesty International, Reproaction, Center for Intimacy Justice, and PLAN C. We were also panelists at Netroots Nation and co-hosted “Fighting Digital Suppression: The New Frontier for Abortion Rights in the Americas and Beyond" during the United Nations General Assembly in New York. 

Stay updated on our digital rights advocacy and email us at 

WoW team in Madrid for self and collective care 

In our tireless pursuit of change, 2023 also reminded us of the importance of self and collective care. This year, the Women on Web team for the first time in 2 years met in person for a retreat in Madrid. The gathering was crucial to recharge our spirits, connect with one another, reflect and march forward to a greater 2024.  

Wondering what we have in store for 2024? 

We are thrilled to announce that we are going to the 2024 Abortion and Reproductive Justice Conference (ARJC) in Bangkok. Three of our abstracts on Positive Narrative on Abortion, Abortion Decriminalization in South Korea and Prescription-based Telemedical Service in South Africa got accepted.  

This coming year, we are also excited to be launching our new responsive, inclusive and secure website, which will provide an improved user experience to abortion seekers around the world.

Women on Web is also proud to be driving 'Repro Uncensored', a coalition of SRHR and internet freedom organizations calling for Big Tech transparency and accountability. In collaboration with Amnesty International, Reproaction, Women First Digital, and PLAN C, we are excited to launch this project at the Commission on the Status of Women in New York next year, supported by the UN Foundation. We will also be co-hosting a panel at the South by Southwest with members of the coalition and Fos Feminista.  

And that's just a sneak peek into what we can reveal for now! Brace yourselves for a wave of even more thrilling plans on the horizon—stay tuned for more details, coming your way soon!  

Spreading our messages far and ahead 

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