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I had an abortion when I was 15 years old. After my abortion, I went to college, served in AmeriCorps, worked with at-risk teens, traveled the globe, and left the country to work with youth abroad. My life has been so full and so beautiful, and I am fortunate to have been able to make all of my choices, to have followed every one of my dreams. I did not allow myself to be trapped by an unwanted pregnancy before I was even old enough to take care of myself, and that choice was the foundation for all of the rest.


¿Cuáles fueron sus sentimientos acerca de hacer el aborto (s)?

grateful, fortunate, committed

¿Cómo hizo el aborto?

I had a twilight procedure at the Bread & Roses Woman's Health Center in Clearwater, Florida. Everyone was kind to me, from the waiting room to the recovery room. The procedure itself was painless, and a nurse held my hand through everything.

¿Cuál era su situación en ese momento?

I was fifteen years old. I didn't want to be a mother while I was still a child.

¿Cómo reaccionaron otras personas a tu aborto?

My family was disappointed that I was pregnant, but they supported my abortion. My boyfriend's family did as well. I think they were all a bit relieved. Teen parenting is hard on young mothers and new grandparents alike.

Tiene hijos?

Qué religión profesa?


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