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Not prepared and so I have to make a difficult choice

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¿Cuáles fueron sus sentimientos acerca de hacer el aborto (s)?

Well if only morning after pill and a medical is available, a woman won’t have to go through such choice.

¿Cómo hizo el aborto?

It was what they it is. It was not easy. First was the agony of waiting for the package, it took 10days to arrive. And somehow you have to prepare for the time and place. It is not advisable to do it where there a lot of people around, unless you took extra pain reliever. And the pain in your abdomen. You have to prepare extra medicine. And never eat when you take the second set of medicine.

¿Cuál era su situación en ese momento?

I feel like i will not be able to give the child a good future

¿La ilegalidad del aborto afectó sus sentimientos?

Yes because you won’t know that Police might come at your door at anytime because the medicine came through a courier outside the country. As a woman, you should have a choice, not because of religion or norm of the society you are in.

¿Cómo reaccionaron otras personas a tu aborto?

No one knew


Qué religión profesa?

F. B

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