German court cases on providing information

German abortion providers who give information on their websites to their patients about abortion methods, risks, cost etc have been facing problems. Information is judged as advertising and therefore banned by German Criminal Code 219a. Also the lately revised 219a does not allow any information on a website besides the sentence "I provide abortions“.

Thus Kristina Haenel and Bettina Gaber, providers in Giessen and Berlin were fined 2500€ and 2000€. Haenel will appeal to the next higher court, Gaber has laid a constitutional complaint. Also Haenel is heading for the Constitutional Court aiming to get removed §219a out of the German Criminal Code.


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German prochoice activists, well-known people of the civil society as well as a great number of civil organizations, professional societies, unions, politicians and politic parties (Buendnis90/Die Grünen, Die LINKE, greater parts of the SPD and FDP) claim to remove the abortion laws out of the German criminal code. 

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Credit: H. Henschke from Reuters

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