April 2016: Online abortion service Women on Web is 10 years!

Women on Web is a telemedical abortion service supporting women around the world to get access to safe abortion services. A woman can also receive a medical abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol by mail at her home address if she lives in a country where safe abortion services are not available.

For immediate release 25-4-2016: 

Ten years ago, the website of Women on Web, www.womenonweb.org, was published online. The project was initiated by Women on Waves in response to the many emails with requests for help.

The service was featured by several media outlets like the New York Times and the BBC.

Many women express their gratitude, the first email such email is from May 3, 2006
“I have got the parcel last fiday,i took the pills and it worked. NO complication, i went to the doctor today. I am very thankful” . And the last  “Thank you so much.. thank you so much.. i  am speechless right now and feel so happy reading your email.. i never imagine you could help me this way. Thank you so much for all. I appreciate and feel so grateful. I never forget the way you help me. Thank you so much.”

For our anniversary we received some amazing gifts:

A unique song “Thin Blue Line” from David Odlöv, Ellen Odlöv, Sanna Eriksson and Mattias Agerberg. Please click here to hear the song and here to read the text!

The Dutch/ Brazilian artist Renata de Andrade made a beautiful animation with information how to do the medical abortion in 10 different languages. Please go here to see the animation in your language. or  see them here here on the women on web website

For more information: 
Phone: +31652052561