"Thin Blue Line"

A song by David Odlöv, Ellen Odlöv, Sanna Eriksson and Mattias Agerberg for the 10 th aniversary of Women on Web.

Text of the song



This happened to me on the fifteenth of June

my whole world collapsed right over me

the sun was a burning from within my guts

and the horizon was nowhere to be seen

i called out to powers both ancient and new 

to deliver my from this, my pain

and the answer came swimming like women on waves

take this pill and you'll be all good again


I went to the doctor and asked for the cure

she said, li'l sister there's nothing i could do

you see I have the goods that you're asking me for

but the man says they're not for you

so my pain took a plane to the officers house

and I told him all about my blues

he said, Lil sister you can't rewrite the law 

but if you want to you can shine my shoes


I crawled through the city on my hands and knees

looking for the courthouse crew

with a voice in my head, screaming get back to bed

and my guts in a tightening screw

i crawled through the mud of wisdom words

that the crows where dropping in the curve

i begged them for help but they flapped their wings

and said lil sister we're here to observe


I finally found that noble crowd

in their garden of ties and suits

I begged on my knees, can someone help me please?

but they locked me out and flipped me through the shoot

i was stranded alone with the weight of the world

on my shoulders, headed for the morgue

but thats when I found, a note on the ground, it said:

women on web dot org


so I ran to the nearest computer-machine 

I sat down and I typed the words in

and look and behold, the sun turn cold.

There i finally found my medicine

I thought i had to walk all alone, 

by my self across that thin blue line

but instead i found a place where a thousand faces

were talking about a journey like mine