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I had three abortions latest being 2018.I feel guilty but I had no choice.

2018 Kenya

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

How did you do the abortion?

Was painful,I bleeded a lot.Thank God I have another day to live

What was your situation at this time?

Ngaba ukungabikho mthethweni kokuqhomfa kwakho kuchaphazele iimvakalelo zakho?

Yeah.I feel guilty.Taking lives of innocent kids.But I overcame this.Its not me only considering a over amillion ladies do this yearly

Benze ntoni abanye abantu xa ukhupha isisu?

Obviously people can't tell you how they feel about you.But inside their minds they wanna be.she is a whore and such.


What is your religion?


Abortar era la decisión que debía tomar...


Zawsze miałam nieregularny okres, także tydzień spóźnienia nie dawał mi…

Agos Tina

Oxaprost / 7 semanas


The "choice" of medical termination is not accurate when it's used as a weapon…


Miałam aborcję.


While I was on a 3-month vacation in Europe I met a guy and we quickly fell for…


Eu descobri a gravidez com 10 semanas,tomava Yasmin a 4 anos,assim que comecei…


I had an abortion and I do not regret my choice. It is very important to me to…


I was not in a stable relationship and was already raising a daughter on my own.


The reviews were scary and I was afraid of what would happen when I took the…


Fiz um aborto


Yo aborte el día 10 de noviembre del 2015 dos días antes me había enterado de…


No tenia mas opciones


Ojala alguna vez me perdones... pero fue. La mejor decisión..

Sram Mie

I had an abortion last year and I`m pregnant again. When a friend of mine once…


detailed account of the process, from having a positive PT to having a negative…