Telemedical Abortion as an Alternative for Women in Japan

Japan is still far behind many other countries in the field of Reproductive Sexual Health and Rights and abortion is no exception. In Japan, abortion is only done surgically, and its cost is not covered by health insurance. In this sense, abortion is a great burden for women in Japan, both physically and financially. Moreover, as having abortion in Japan requires the consent of a partner - or a parent in the case of minors -  it's difficult for women to keep abortion a private matter.

Women on Web (WoW), however, is a ray of hope for women in Japan. So far, since its foundation in 2005, more than 4000 Japanese women have resorted to WoW's service to have an abortion. Women simply fill in an online consultation for WoW's medical doctors to review; once approved, the medicines are sent by post. This way, women can privately have an abortion where they choose. Women are able to contact WoW throughout the entire abortion process.

This article further explores the backgrounds of women who request help from WoW, and reasons why they resort to medical abortion. Although it's is not permitted, this article clearly indicates that women in Japan need and would benefit from medical abortion.

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