Information about the Use of Misoprostol Pills Available Locally

In some countries misoprostol is available in pharmacies and it might be a better option to do an abortion with misoprostol alone. To terminate a pregnancy up to 12 weeks, a woman needs 12 pills of misoprostol.

For detailed instructions how to do an abortion with use of misoprostol alone please go to Women on Waves website.

You can also see a map with information about each country, the legality of abortion, availability and the brands of misoprostol.

Get misoprostol only from a pharmacy or a reliable source. Unfortunately there is a lot of scam and fake medicines are sold on the black market. Read the warnings here.

In some countries Safe Abortion Hotlines can give you information over the phone about the use of misoprostol and other safe abortion methods. Click here to see the list of hotlines.

If you need support or information about how to use misoprostol alone, please email