my age (too young or old)

මෙන්න මෙම මූල පදය සමඟ ගබ්සා කිරීමේ කථා කිහිපයක්.

499 my age (too young or old)

Lindsay Millett

I had an abortion

Amy Martinez

I had an abortion


I had an abortion at 15...and my life is still going well

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znów mogę cieszyć się życiem...

Fabiola Moreno

I had an abortion when I was 16 years old.


Aborté por motivos de edad (demasiado joven)y económicos (era estudiante y no…


I had an abortion


I had two abortions by the time I was 23 and a third when I was 29. All…

Claudia Aviles

i had an abortion, and 10 years later i became a mother. you have the right to…


I had an abortion. And I would do it again, if I was me at that time back then…


J'ai avorté quand j'avais 18 ans. Je ne le regrette pas, je suis fière d'avoir…