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I had a SUPER LATE abortion.

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Jakie uczucia ci towarzyszyły?

It gave me so many mixed emotions! I was happy to follow through but felt selfish(dad to be wanted to keep it) and maybe a little guilty.. or definitely judged.

Jaką metodą wykonałaś aborcję?

Took 2 days, day 1 they do ultrasound and all that then they gave me medicine to help induce me and soften the cervix. Had milf cramps that evening. Went back day 2 and they gave me a large shot near my belly button, sat for a few hours, went under anesthesia, woke up in a different room with several other women, groggy.. and waited to be checked and released. But I was 20weeks along.. so yeah

W jakiej byłaś wtedy sytuacji?

I mainly was not ready to give up no responsibilities and couldn't afford a kid.

Czy nielegalność twojej aborcji wpłynęła na twoje uczucia?

Being legal didnt make the choice any easier.

Jak inni ludzie zareagowali na twoją aborcję?

Close family supported me. Friends (some not all) that I thought would support me talked bad about me behind my back and to my face.


Jakiego jesteś wyznania?


No olvidemos, que nos haga crecer


Miałam aborcję - nie żałuję


Yo he abortado 4 veces.


I felt very guilty but relieved . I was way too young to be a mother.


I don't regret my abortion.


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