28th May - Women Health International Day: Stay Healthy, Stay Informed!

Women on Web is partnering up with Safe2choose to raise awareness on accurate abortion pill information and protocols. Our goal is to minimize the number of women and pregnant people who are taken advantage of by false online sellers and ensure women and pregnant people have the proper, WHO-approved information to spot false information for themselves. Women on Web and Safe2choose  are both committed to providing the safest and most accurate information on abortion pills available. 

Women on Web and Safe2Choose receive emails and accounts daily from women and pregnant people who have been scammed by sites posing to be reliable providers. So, we have created a Scam List, identifying known fake abortion pill providers and websites. This list includes the names and contact information of individuals we know to be providing misinformed protocols, fake pills, or false information on abortion pills. 

Abortion is an important and time-sensitive aspect of women’s health. It is every woman’s right to access safe and reliable services that provide accurate scientific information and instructions on how to use the medicines. We feel it is our responsibility to make sure experiences of women being taken advantage of at often stressful times in their lives ends with us.   

Women and pregnant people reported to us that they were scammed in various ways. Here are some of the methods they cited that are used to scam abortion seekers.  

  • They send fake pills
    • Here is what the Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills should always look like. Sometimes, the fake ones will look similar.
  • They provide the wrong dosage 
    • If you would like to know more about the dosage, you can read it here or contact info@womenonweb.org or safe2choose
  • They don’t provide information on how to use the pills, what should be expected, or signs of complications
    • You can read about all of the above on our QnA page through this link or visit safe2choose.
  • They don’t ask anything about you, particularly your medical history
    • If you need an abortion, please fill out our online consultation here.
  • They don’t send the pills at all 
    • Women on Web provides tracking and shipping details plus average wait times to receive the pills.


Since being exposed to so many women who have been scammed just trying to get abortion access, we cannot let those stories end with us; we are sharing them in the form of this list so it doesn’t happen to others. The Scam List is part of a chain of solidarity so please share it and ensure everyone has the ability to get the safe, reliable abortion access they need. 

Women on Web is very excited to collaborate with safe2choose on this project. Together, we can make the internet a safer place for women and pregnant people seeking abortion access and information. 

For more information, visit womenonweb.org or safe2choose.org or email us at info@womenonweb.org or info@safe2choose.org

Please share The Scam List on whichever social media platform you prefer and ensure women and pregnant people have reliable access to safe, effective abortion pills whenever they need them. 

Many thanks,

Women on Web and Safe2Choose