Women on Web Country Map Project: Call for Contributions

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Dear activists, researchers, volunteers, supporters, and dear friends!

Are you familiar with the Women on Waves map? It's one of the oldest online databases that gathers abortion information by country, such as abortion laws, the availability of abortion pills and local support options. It’s a great resource and a useful tool but it’s also a little… out of date. We want to make current, accurate abortion information accessible for all and provide an all-round package of information for each country that is needed by anyone having an unwanted pregnancy and looking for an abortion.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that we are partnering up with our sister organization, Women on Waves, to update the database and we want your input.


Why contribute?

  • For many countries, this database is the first or only search result when looking for abortion pills. Let’s use that potential to lift up local abortion services and support worldwide.
  • Women on Web’s international online abortion service receives up to 10,000 emails every month and has provided over 100,000 abortions with pills worldwide. However, in some countries, local services, organizations and networks are in a better position to offer support. We are looking to improve the current public database to map out relevant local resources per country to connect those in need with local support options.
  • Are you an organization, network or group concerned you're not reaching everyone in your community? Would you like to foster collaboration and coordination among services and organizations working on abortion? Being listed could help!
  • Collecting useful and up to date information on abortion for over 200 countries is a community effort. As you all are the experts for your countries, your input is invaluable and could help many people!


What are we looking for? 

There are three areas of information we would appreciate your help on:

  • Official regulations around the abortion pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol 
  • Pragmatic tips and relevant  information, about the availability and cost of abortion pills
  • an overview of your country's network of organizations that can directly help someone currently pregnant. These could be groups or agencies who work on  sexual and reproductive health, safe abortion, travel and funding to access abortion, abortion after-care, mental health, domestic violence or sexual assault, or support for undocumented people


How to contribute?

  • You can join the project by filling out this questionnaire and sharing your knowledge about a country. The flexible time commitment is 15 min- 2 hours, depending on your time capacities. We appreciate any small contribution. 
  • The questionnaire is also available in French, Spanish and Arabic.
  • You can support this community project by sharing this call for contributions with your contacts and network all over the world, especially in countries where abortion information is difficult to find and currently underrepresented.
  • Please reach out to community@womenonweb.org, if you have any difficulties or questions about the process or would like to get in touch.

We are happy to be fighting for safe abortion by your side!


In solidarity, 

The Women on Web and Women on Waves Team