Internet as Woman’s Rights

Today, right to access internet seems inseparable from abortion rights. With internet, women or people with unwanted pregnancies can access telemedical safe abortion service: Women on Web by filling an online consultation through If there are no contraindications, medical abortion package would be shipped to an address in Indonesia. Medical abortion is safe and effective to be done at home for pregnancies under 12 weeks.

Every day, Women on Web receives emails. Many questions are sent to from all around the world, concerning sexual and reproductive health with a particular focus on medical abortion. With supervision of licensed doctors, Women on Web provides information. Internet is an alternative to share information safely and privately.

The internet is being used by one of Indonesian alliances of some organizations which focus on fulfillment of sexual and reproductive health. They had online sharing session about telemedical safe abortion service on Friday, 24 January 2020. Together with Women on Web, they discussed how the number of people visiting Women on Web website has increased gradually, except in 2018 when the website is censored.  

Limiting the internet to access of sexual and reproductive health information is a violation of women’s rights. Every woman and non-conforming gender has the right to receive information to ensure their quality of life. For that reason, Women on Web can be accessed through in Indonesia.