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I made the best decision for me

2012 Regno Unito

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

I am angry that the laws in this country forced me to do something illegal in order to make the best decision for me.

How did you do the abortion?

The abortion was scary as I was unsure what to expect. The bleeding and cramping were quite bad, but I still don't regret it.

What was your situation at this time?

L'illegalità del suo aborto ha influenzato i suoi sentimenti?

I was angry that I could not make a decision based on what was best for me with my doctor, that I had to do something illegal.

Come hanno reagito le altre persone al suo aborto?

My friends were supportive of me having an abortion, my family were very wary but once they saw that I did not regret it they have become more supportive.


What is your religion?


Moje życie to moje wybory. / My life is my choices.


My abortion was NOT THAT PAINFUL. Don't believe in the horror stories!


Depois de algum tempo lendo os depoimentos por aqui, decidi deixar também o meu.


Abortions are not fun !


Zakochałam się w mężczyźnie o 13 lat starszym. Zawrócił mi w głowie. Jest…


I'm still going through it but I'm getting better everyday


Rozumiem wszystkie kobiety które chcą legalnie dokonać aborcji. Rozumiem że…


Então minha disponibilidade para este relato se fez para encorajar todas…


fiz um aborto sozinha

Raquel Monterrey

I spoke with the spirit of my child before my abortion. That spirit who was…

Someone Great

It wasn’t the easiest thing, but it was the best thing I could have done for…


My abortion was 100% my choice.


I had an abortion on the 26/27 of september through medication it was…


I have had two abortions


Aborto 5 meses / Aborto 20 semanas


Your Dreams Are Real, So Are Abortions.

Mandy Amanda

Hora de recomeçar

Natalia M

Yo aborté, y no me arrepiento.