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detailed account of the process, from having a positive PT to having a negative PT.

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What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

How did you do the abortion?

1 week before my expected period, I have a very light period, which lasted for 1-2 days, which I mistook for an early regular period. I thought nothing of it. I had symptoms of breast tenderness, back ache, nausea, basically all of my premenstrual symptoms before the early period. but actually it was implantation bleeding apparently, because, period suddenly stopped, and the premenstrual signs didn't go down, but became more pronounced instead. 2 days after my supposed regular period (2 days late for my regular period) I decided to take a pregnancy test, in the morning (like what most blogs said, I took first morning pee to ensure concentration, but actually it doesn't matter so much) and found it to be faintly positive. I even checked if it was an evaporation line, but although it was super faint, it was still 'pink' in color and not gray or blue. I immediately e-mailed women on web 20 minutes after doing the test. I received a computer generated response from WoW, indicating that they have received my request. within 24 hours I received another e-mail saying that a doctor was reviewing my request and that I should receive another e-mail which will indicate if the doctor approved my request or if I was safe for self-administered drug abortion. I received the said e-mail within 24 hours again, and it informed me that the package has been dispatched from india. The e-mail provided me a tracking number for the package. I tried to track the package almost everyday until the package arrived but it was not useful at all, and did not generate any information. It was a very agonizing wait for me, since I had no idea when my package will arrive, and I was not sure how long it will take me. I e-mailed WoW regulary and they were very helpful and assured me that my package is on its way. and then exactly 2 weeks after they sent the package, I finally received it. I decided to take the mifeprestone or the first drug at 10:30 pm the same day, then I had to wait for 24 hours before taking 4 pills of misoprostol. the 24 hours in between taking the mifeprestone and misoprostol was generally uneventful, although I did have some slight cramping and a little nausea, nothing severe. BUT the next day, at 11:45 pm, 5 minutes after I put 4 tablets of misoprostol, I immediately felt the effects. I had moderate cramps which were still bearable, and then 30 mins after, I started bleeding. I felt a gush and a blob come out of me, so I immediately went to the toilet and sat. at first they the secretions were just like the normal day 2 period bleeding, heavy with a little clot. and then an hour after, I felt a bigger blob, come out of me, so I went to check it. It was oval in shape and had a definite form. It was a fleshy, greyish brown blob. Not made up of blood. I suspect this was my gestational sac. After expelling this, all pregnancy signs instantaneously diminished. I was not so nauseous as before, and my breast suddenly didnt hurt as much. after maybe 5 hours of expelling globs and clots. bleeding tapered a little bit. It was so painful for me, that I had shivers and felt really cold at one point, I thought I was gonna faint in the toilet. But, this may make sense because I don't have dysmenorrhea in general, so maybe the pain was too much for me because I wasn't used to it. I also had to constantly, smell a sliced lemon to prevent from vomiting during the whole process. It was a very tough night for me, but I survived it. thankfully my partner was with me the whole time and made sure that I was alright. The following morning, I was able to go to work and function normally. It was just like having your normal period. the 3rd day after taking the pills, bleeding was not as heavy as before, it was like the bleeding at the end of a regular period. when suddenly I developed cramps in my lower abdomen. I went to the bathroom and was about to shower at that time, when suddenly, globs of pinkish tissue came out of me. I was so surprised at the moment, but when I searched online, It looked like a piece of the placenta or something. after expelling this pinkish, reddish blob, pregnancy symptoms declined further. an over-all feeling of wellness came to me. I just felt at that time that symptoms were close to none. after 10 days, I decided to start taking birth control pills. mercilon to be exact. I should have taken it right after the abortion but I had no chance at that time. anyway the effects of taking pills was extremely the same as the pregnancy signs so I was so confused at that time. I didnt know if my abortion was incomplete, because signs started to show up again. BUT i just continued with the pill. 3 weeks after taking the pill, I did a urine pregnancy test again, and it was noticibly lighter than my result when I took the test just before the abortion. I repeated a series of PT, and got a positive result until 7 weeks after taking the pill. with the result becoming fainter and fainter every week. (although sometimes, line became darker than previous result when I suspect that I was dehydrated and thus used a more concentrated urine) but it never returned to the super dark line I got before taking the misoprostol pill. the final confirmation was, when I got my withrawal bleed, 3 weeks after taking the birth control pills. I have been taking birth control pills ever since, and I have gotten 2 sets of withrawal bleeds. Just recently, a month after my last urine pregnancy test, I took another test, and it was completely negative. over-all I would say that, the most worrying part was waiting for the pills to arrive. at the time, I felt that the 2 week waiting period was 2 months, I was so nervous about it, but I actually just had to be patient. the process was not dangerous at all, and can be really done at home. Also, it is A LOT better if someone can assist you with the procedure, since it is a very great physical ordeal (at least for me). Lastly, I highly recommend taking birth control pills immediately after taking misoprostol (the day after) since you WILL not want to go through the same ordeal again. I think you are still susceptible to getting pregnant even if you are bleeding. also, birth control pills takes 7 days to be effective. so using condoms is very important within the first 7 days of taking birth control pills. You would want to start taking BC pills early so you will have a peace of mind. lastly, a positive urine PT test can last really long even after abortion, so don't worry to much about it, as long as the symptoms are diminishing, I think it is ok. urine PT are really usefull, especially if you cannot have an ultrasound done. I hope you will find my story informative. Do not be afraid and keep calm. The people behind this website are exactly what they claim to be.

What was your situation at this time?

L'illegalità del suo aborto ha influenzato i suoi sentimenti?

No. I am well aware of what my plans are for the future and conceiving was out of the question for me. So I had no other choice but to had the abortion.

Come hanno reagito le altre persone al suo aborto?

only one other person knew about it, and he was very supportive of my decision. he was also with me during the whole process.


What is your religion?


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