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Yang dirasakan tentang aborsi

I've never been more sure about a decision. This was something I wanted to do, so I did it.

How did you do the abortion?


What was your situation at this time?

I'm 22 years old. I want to finish university. I want to travel. I want to intern in Spain's embassy. I want to get my translator/interpreter certificate. I want to be child-free for a few years. I want to be an excellent mom, mediocre will not suffice. I want to raise children who become great people, not people who resent the fact that their mother wasn't ready to raise them. It's something I would regret my entire life. My personal philosophy is to live in love and gratitude with no regrets. Having a child now isn't part of my life plan.

Apakah ilegalitas aborsi memengaruhi perasaan Anda?

This didnt affect my feelings because abortion is legal in my home country.

Bagaimana reaksi orang lain terhadap aborsi Anda?

Only two people knew that I planned to have an abortion: my best friend and my host mom


Eu descobri a gravidez com 10 semanas,tomava Yasmin a 4 anos,assim que comecei…


Bom, há algumas semanas eu já vinha desconfiando de uma gravidez, embora não…

Lauren Jackson

I got pregnant while in college in Tennessee in 1976 and had an illegal…


Mi experiencia


Something that has carried with me ever since.


Porque no era el momento indicado y los anticonceptivos fallaron.


It was a difficult but necessary choice to have made.


Yo aborte , con oxapros en Buenos Aires tengo 24 años


getting thru the pain.


It isn't and shouldn't be as taboo as it is made out to be.


Don’t confuse ‘what ifs’ with regret.


I had an abortion


Minor blip overcome thanks to Women on Web


Most difficult choice I’ve ever made


Sin duda ha sido la decisión más difícil que he tomado en lo que llevo de vida


Minęło 5 miesięcy. Nie żałuję swojej decyzji, Ale żałuję że tak musiało się…

Fallen Angel

I had the SAFEST ABORTION even in the PHILIPPINES through