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I had a SUPER LATE abortion.

2012 Amerika Serikat

Yang dirasakan tentang aborsi

It gave me so many mixed emotions! I was happy to follow through but felt selfish(dad to be wanted to keep it) and maybe a little guilty.. or definitely judged.

How did you do the abortion?

Took 2 days, day 1 they do ultrasound and all that then they gave me medicine to help induce me and soften the cervix. Had milf cramps that evening. Went back day 2 and they gave me a large shot near my belly button, sat for a few hours, went under anesthesia, woke up in a different room with several other women, groggy.. and waited to be checked and released. But I was 20weeks along.. so yeah

What was your situation at this time?

I mainly was not ready to give up no responsibilities and couldn't afford a kid.

Apakah ilegalitas aborsi memengaruhi perasaan Anda?

Being legal didnt make the choice any easier.

Bagaimana reaksi orang lain terhadap aborsi Anda?

Close family supported me. Friends (some not all) that I thought would support me talked bad about me behind my back and to my face.


What is your religion?

Yasmin Silva

Enfim, vou contar minha história com muita paz no meu coração e na minha vida.

Rocio Rocio

14 semanas


Unexpected feelings

Ana Lu

e vida nova pela frente...


At first i didn't know i was pregnant until i noticed i was vomiting a lot, but…


Miałam aborcję - nie żałuję


Hice lo mejor que pude, estando bajo toda la presión del mundo.


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C. Ferreira

Pior dia da minha vida


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Saraith saraith

Perdoneme mi bebe, te amare siempre!

luna oscura

¿En serio estoy embarazada?


I had an abortion when I was 23 years old


Você não está sozinha!

Dolores Feffer

I had two.

No woman should ever have to justify a dessicion on her own body.


Dwie kreski...Te dwie czerwone kreski na białym papierku były jak kubeł zimnej…

Won’t be named Won’t be named

I had an abortion a week after my twenty second birthday, I was five and a half…