Lilian Godfrey

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I had an abortion twice this year. One was around August, and the second today being Nov17th. I was actually devastated when I found out i was pregnant for the second time. To me, I actually felt dat it was too soon to be having another abortion, and at some point I was scared something was going to go wrong in the process. But fortunately for me the cramps and bleeding wasn't as high as the first one. Am just hoping it worked, though I passed out few blood clots. Am still waiting for 1 or 2 weeks to go for an ultrasound scan. It was hell though but just for few hours. Thanks to God and my boyfriend who stood by me.

2018 Nigeria

¿Cuáles fueron sus sentimientos acerca de hacer el aborto (s)?

Wasn't cool.

¿Cómo hizo el aborto?

Was aweful but just for few hours. I'd still choose this kind of abortion over surgical

¿Cuál era su situación en ese momento?

My family would be disappointed

¿La ilegalidad del aborto afectó sus sentimientos?


¿Cómo reaccionaron otras personas a tu aborto?

Few friends who knew about it, called to check on me


Qué religión profesa?

I had an abortion..W słońcu ludzie wyglądają tak, jakby zasługiwali na to, aby…

Lauri Laura

Nunca imaginé llegar a esto😔


I felt very guilty but relieved . I was way too young to be a mother.


Oi amigas, primeiramente gostaria de dizer que eu entendo exatamente o quê…


Yo he abortado 4 veces.

Viridiana Aguilar

I had an abortion

Frida Ku

La experiencia que me cambio.

Ma N

Y fue un proceso duro física y emocionalmente.


La desición más difícil de mi vida


Porque no era el momento indicado y los anticonceptivos fallaron.


La historia, tal cual, detrás mi aborto

flicky flicky

it was safe and very effective...was 38days late.i follwed women on web within…

Laura Helena

Olá meninas , me chamo Laura , tenho 21 anos ,uma filha linda de 2 aninhos e…


“I had an abortion” will appear automatically, but please feel free to change…

Mariana C

Estava grávida de 08 semanas e não sabia!

Ania Kijawska

Mam dziecko, dom, męża zdecydowałam się na aborcję.


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