Women on Web starts providing abortion pills in advance

Now women can request abortion pills in advance and take them as soon as they discover they are pregnant


Why do we provide abortions pills before they are needed?

Advance provision of abortion pills is about being prepared and creating a safeguard against legal restrictions, unnecessary medical requirements, and other financial and logistical access barriers. 

Research and evidence already shows that women can safely and effectively self-manage an abortion with pills. Advance provision expands the window of care and enables women to end their pregnancies as soon as they find out, meaning pregnancy terminations happen in the earliest gestations, resulting in safer abortions.


How does it work?

Women on Web's medical team will prescribe the abortion pills to individuals who are not yet pregnant but who anticipate that they may need them in the future.

Women can make a request on Women on Web’s website by completing an online consultation that is reviewed by a medical team to detect any contraindications to taking the medicines. Once the request is approved, the medicines will be received via mail in a discreet package.

Everyone using the service will receive instructions on how to use the medicines and they will be asked to get in touch with Women on Web when they are ready to take them. Women on Web medical team and help desk are available for questions 7 days a week.


Is it safe to do an abortion on your own?

Many women prefer taking abortion medications outside a formal medical setting for a range of reasons, including increased privacy and control over the process, and easier access - especially for those who live in remote areas.

Medical abortion, which is a protocol that involves taking two different drugs, Mifepristone and Misoprostol, is a safe and highly effective method to end an early pregnancy, endorsed and recommended by the World Health Organization. With good information and instructions, women can manage their abortions in the privacy of their own home, with very low risk of complications.


About Women on Web

Since 2006, Women on Web has provided over 100,000 medical abortion services in almost 200 countries. Our mission is to provide accessible and dignified abortion care that meets the needs, rights, and autonomy of women and pregnant people. We are committed to advancing a future where at-home abortions are common, where health providers work as supportive partners in abortion self-care, and where abortion pills are available over the counter.

We have watched how our telemedicine service has impacted people, policies, and legislation worldwide. Advance provision is the next step to make abortion access as easy and simple as possible.

Women on Web is available to anyone who needs help with ending unwanted pregnancies. We are committed to ensuring that everyone, including trans, non-binary, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people can safely access abortion with respect and dignity.

For more information, please contact info@womenonweb.org or visit our consultation pages



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