Testimonies of Spanish Women

Stories of women from Spain who have contacted Women on Web. Note: Testimonies gathered, reviewed, and published in accordance with our privacy policy.Stories have been altered to protect the women’s identity, privacy, and safety.

Testimony 1: I am a college student and I depend on my parents to cover my transportation and tuition expenses. I know that abortion is supposed to be free and safe in this country, but when I inquired about it, the doctor just kept telling me I was a bad person and never referred me for an abortion. That’s why I visited this site.

Testimony 2: I’m contacting you because I don’t know where else to go. I’m less than nine weeks pregnant. I was abused and raped by a family member. I’m too scared to go to a hospital. I almost didn’t contact you because I feel so ashamed. I’m desperate to hear back from you because I don’t have any other choices at this point, please help me!!!

Testimony 3: I went to the nearest clinic, and they asked me to think it over forfive days. When I came back, they asked me to think it over again for another while, because, as the doctor put it, I am X years old and I am running out of time to become a mother. Please help me.

Testimony 4: I’m an undocumented immigrant in Spain, so I can’t get a free abortion through social security because I don’t have it. I can’t afford an abortion at a private clinic either. I am very worried, because I know this not the right time for me to become a mother.

Testimony 5: I would like to do the abortion at home and not through the public healthcare system as I cannot go to my doctor without my partner finding out. I would prefer to do it in my own home as I am not confident in the language and traveling multiple times to the doctor. To go to a private clinic in Spain is more than 300 euros, which I do not have.

Testimony 6: My closest clinic is in X, which is an hour and a half away and no one will be able to drive me home. Also, I have no one to look after my children. I am asking for your help, is that possible?

Testimony 7: I have been living in Spain since X, but I do not have a health insurance card to go to a public health facility. That’s also why I don’t have a family doctor. Also, I’ve lost my job, so I can’t afford to go to a private clinic for an abortion in Spain. I need a solution.

Testimony 8: I just arrived in Spain and I am three weeks pregnant. I do not speak Spanish well and I cannot tell my partner I am pregnant. I don't know anyone here well enough to tell them about my situation and get help. Is there anything you can do?

Testimony 9: I am in a relationship and I am being abused. He took away my contraceptive pills, so I don’t have any way of protecting myself, and I can’t go to a clinic to get an abortion. I need your help.

Testimony 10: I need to do this without involving my family. My current situation doesn’t allow me to go to a doctor unless I tell the rest of my family first, and I need to do this in secret.