Post-abortion care – emotional responses to abortion

Will I be depressed after an abortion?

In most cases, counselling or therapy is not required after an abortion. Women are often sure of their decision to have an abortion and therefore rarely have regrets about it afterwards. This is supported by various studies and experiences that have been shared cross-culturally. In fact evidence points out that abortion poses no more risks to women’s mental health than to raise an unplanned child in challenging conditions or to place a child for adoption.

At Women on Web, we believe that women can make responsible choices about their own bodies. Our services are based on trusting women and enabling them to make decisions about their lives and well-being.

In fact, the most common emotional reaction after an abortion is relief. Of course, it is natural to feel emotional after an abortion; women often experience a mix of feelings, including sadness and loss as well. In most cases, however, people are able to overcome their emotions after an abortion without any professional assistance.

Unwanted pregnancies can happen to anyone. About 73 million women worldwide have an abortion each year. Having an abortion does not make you a bad person nor are you alone in thinking about having one.

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