Using Technology to manage Abortions and Reclaim Power Over Our Bodies

Thank you to all who have been successfully running this site and providing help to women like me in the most difficult time of our lives. I admire all the work and effort you have put into the site, making it as clear as possible and easy to access. Not to mention, the email counseling really put my mind at ease as I'd heard that no one should ever buy these pills off of the internet.”


The World Health Organization considers medical abortion safe, effective, and acceptable up to 12 weeks of pregnancy and acknowledges how individuals value the sense of control over the process when abortion is managed privately, without the supervision of health care providers. Today, on the International Safe Abortion Day, Women on Web wants to remind people how access to safe abortion services can start from your computers, laptops and mobile phones.


By using telecommunications technology, Women on Web has answered over 1 million help requests via emails and provided region- and country-specific information about safe abortion options in 22 languages. Women and pregnant people can contact Women on Web and make an online consultation in order to receive medical abortion pills via mail. Our service has helped individuals to make decisions over their own bodies and end their pregnancies when they choose to do so in the privacy of their own homes and protected from stigma and discrimination.


We advocate for unrestricted access to critical information on sexual and reproductive health and freedom of expression. We believe in the right to produce and disseminate information to amplify voices and experiences of women and pregnant people and build solidarity across borders.


Let’s shout out about Safe Abortion International Day on 28th September by sharing these virtual stickers. Find your languages and make the message more accessible in your own language.


Please let us know if our sticker is not available in your language and we will prepare one for you.