The path to legalisation of abortion in South Korea


A new article in the Heath and Human rights Journal describes the role of the reproductive justice movements in challenging South Korea's Abortion Ban.

South Korea

On April 11, 2019, South Korea’s Constitutional Court ruled that the ban on abortion was unconstitutional. As a result, South Korea’s legislature must revise the 66-year-old anti-abortion law by December 31, 2020. This historic decision was closely related to the advocacy of a number of feminist groups, doctors’ organizations, disability rights groups, youth activists, and religious groups in South Korea, who collectively formed the Joint Action for Reproductive Justice (Joint Action) in 2017. The paper analyzes how Joint Action influenced the Constitutional Court’s 2019 decision to decriminalize abortion in South Korea and how the court established that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure every individual’s reproductive health and rights.


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