katrina nicole

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the only time i look back is to say thank god

2011 United States

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

You cant pick a feeling because every two second you will switch from feeling over whelmed to relieved.

How did you do the abortion?

i took the abortion pill. cramping bleeding and nausea. Partially because i was going through having an abortion and partially because of the stress.

What was your situation at this time?

Het die onwettigheid van u aborsie u gevoelens beïnvloed?

my abortion was legal even though it didnt feel like it was.

Hoe het ander mense op u aborsie gereageer?

People will always judge you & thats what happened to me. I grew up in a very Christian home and everyone around me was very religious. I was taught at an early age that it will kill me or prevent me from having kids later on in life. But thats not the case the man i was with resented me my brother was grossed out my parents thought it was wrong.everyone reacted in such a negative hostile way.


What is your religion?


I had an abortion and it was worth it, absolutely no regrets.

Uma Mulher

Pra mim, fazer um aborto foi um ato de responsabilidade

Van Nessa

I had an abortion.


Sou advogada, tenho 40 anos 2 filhas adultas e uma vida estável e feliz.


Camila Gray

I had an abortion,im having my abortion.


Am I a horrible person

Frida Ku

La experiencia que me cambio.


Porque la situación lo requería


Bueno yo aborte por que no encontré otra salida...
A principios de diciembre del…


"Un acto amoroso"

Godherself on Instagram

I had 4 abortions and I’m not ashamed


Eu sou muito nova e fim. Esse é o motivo principal. Tenho só 15, e o pai da…

Aline Santos

Momento de confusão e angústia em minha vida. Mais após muita reflexão vi que…

Flor de Luna

Piloto automático, pero no me arrepiento

PatoPato Quire

Yo decidí por su libertad.


No me arrepiento


and I'm so relieved


Fiquem tranquilas, vai dar tudo certo.


My first pregnancy came quite unexpectedly. I was 17 and my boyfriend and I had…