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I felt it was accapted to have an abortion

2019 Morocco

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

How did you do the abortion?

Very good and safe,with a small entourage taking care of me

What was your situation at this time?

My society doesnt accept single moms

Ngaba ukungabikho mthethweni kokuqhomfa kwakho kuchaphazele iimvakalelo zakho?

Yes a lot. Countries shouldnt criminalise women for this. Its a mistake , yes but we can always correct it

Benze ntoni abanye abantu xa ukhupha isisu?

Only few knew and they were understanding


What is your religion?


I had an abortion about seven years ago when I was 16. I was in an abusive…

Claudia Aviles

i had an abortion, and 10 years later i became a mother. you have the right to…


El día de ayer aborté

mary cry

pior momento de minha vida


Lo hice en un país en el cual es ilegal, por lo que tuve que acceder al mercado…


I feel much relieved thanks to women on web because living in a country where…

Angel M

To była 3 ciąża nieplanowana i niechciana, przede wszystkim przeze mnie. Głupia…


Toda mulher tem direito à um aborto seguro, não importa quais sejam seus…


Dzien w którym potwierdzila sie moja ciaza był jak wyrocznia... Mam dużo swoich…


Ser mamá por elección, no a la fuerza.


Ser solidária com quem abortou e defender a descriminalização jamais me fez…


fui libre respecto esta decision