Other Abortion Stories Websites

A collection of other websites with abortion stories curated by Women on Web

This is an ongoing project. If you know of any other websites that are not listed here, please let us know!

Abortion Out Loud: A project of Advocates for Youth


Break the Taboo Malta: Abortion stories from Malta


Contá Conmigo: Abortion stories from Uruguay, in Spanish


Ho Abortito E Sto Benissimo: Abortion stories and feelings after abortion in Italian


IVG, je vais bien, merci!: Abortion stories in French


My Abortion, My Life: Abortion experiences from the United States of America


Obiezione Respinta: Stories of conscientious objection from Italy, Italian


Project Voice: Abortion stories from 8 countries, representing multiplicities of abortion experience


Shout Your Abortion: Abortion stories from the United States of America


So, I had an Abortion: Abortion stories in text, visual and illustrated, in audio and video


The Abortion Diary: Abortion stories with audio


The Choice: Personally written stories on why each person choose to have an abortion


The Story Collider: Abortion stories from doctors and patients


Voices of Courage: A project of Physicians for Reproductive Health, abortion stories from doctors


We Testify: Abortion stories particularly from people of color, people from rural and conservative communities, people who are queer-identified, people with varying abilities and citizenship statuses, and those who needed support when navigating barriers while accessing abortion care


2+ Abortions: Stories from people who had multiple abortions