What if you take the Mifepristone and then decide not to take the Misoprostol?

If, for some reason, you take the Mifepristone and then decide that you will not take the Misoprostol part of the medical abortion regimen, be aware no reversal regimen exists. Below a few possible scenarios that might take place:

  1. You might experience a complete abortion without ever taking Misoprostol.
  2. You might experience a missed abortion, which means that the fetus is no longer viable, but the products of pregnancy (blood, tissue) do not leave your body. This has to be treated with a vacuum aspiration.
  3. It is also possible that your pregnancy might continue. If you decide you want to keep the pregnancy at this point, it is unlikely that the Mifepristone will cause later fetal malformations.


More information:

Research suggests that a fetus that has been exposed to Mifepristone alone and is not aborted will continue to develop normally.