2021 แซมเบีย



How did you do the abortion?

Had minor cramps about 4 hrs after takinv the drugs, had chills but surprisingly no pain.

What was your situation at this time?

Scared I would be a bad mom. My relationship with my mom is something i am not proud of and scared that history will repeat itself.


They don't know about it


What is your religion?

Aga... ta...(?)

zastanawiam się jak to przeżycie i fakt co zrobiałam wpłynie na dalsze moje…


I had an abortion and now feel I have 10kgs off my shoulders alone, a little…

katrina nicole

the only time i look back is to say thank god

Ewa Izabela

I am pro-choice


Minor blip overcome thanks to Women on Web


I was 44 years old and already had 2 children. The pregnancy was an accident…


Tout choix à sa difficulté, le tout est d'assumer.

Lucille 2

I had an abortion. I got pregnant from a brief relationship and very…

Godherself on Instagram

I had 4 abortions and I’m not ashamed

Ashley Engbrecht

At the young age of 17, I was the victim of sexual assault. There is nothing…


I interrupted my early pregnancy

Nami Tibbers

Não vi outra opção. Então tomei coragem e optei por um aborto.

Fanti. Alexandra

Sentí y decidí.


Women's bodies belong only to us. Men, families, society, have no right to…


Sou dona de mim.


I had an abortion and I don't regret it. It was a hard decision but one I knew…

Sylwia Zatońska

Ciąża nie powinna być przypadkiem!!!

Maria Victoria

A gravidez é também a morte da pessoa que você foi até aquele momento, para…