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Abortion as a right not a privilege: My abortion story

2008 United States

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

How did you do the abortion?

It was painful and scary.

What was your situation at this time?

உங்கள் கருக்கலைப்பு சட்டவிரோதமானது உங்கள் உணர்வுகளை பாதித்ததா?

I felt a lot more fear for my safety. I felt more isolated being an expat.

உங்கள் கருக்கலைப்புக்கு மற்றவர்கள் எவ்வாறு பதிலளித்தனர்?

Everyone was very supportive although I only told a couple of people.


What is your religion?


No fue bueno pero fue lo mejor.


I had a surgical, had two kids, and then had medical abortion.

Anne Jellinek

I had two abortions in my life: one when I was 21 and newly married and one 8…

Ana Vargas

Mi aborto lo hice a los 14años hoy tengo una hija de 23 años y un hijo de 17…

Flor de Luna

Piloto automático, pero no me arrepiento


I was not in a stable relationship and was already raising a daughter on my own.


Uratowałam sobie życie

Młoda Dama

Postanowiłam opisać swój przypadek ponieważ sama podczas dokonywania aborcji…


yo conoci a los 14 años a un vigilante que trabajaba donde mi mama el era super…


Como abortar en una ciudad donde es penalizado el aborto las primeras semanas.

mary cry

pior momento de minha vida


A cry of freedom for all women who are dictated by the mentality of the norms…


Yo aborte con oxaprost


Lo logré....estoy tranquila

Sofia S

Oi meninas! Meu nome é Sofia, tenho 20 anos e em novembro de 2019 descobri que…


Yo aborté y es la mejor decisión que pude haber tomado.