Patricia Bronstein

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I was married and had known since an early age that I did not want to be a mother. We were using birth control, but this time it did not work. I was lucky that abortion was legal then. I went to a clinic in Manhattan. This was in about 1977. My husband was away and I never told him.

1977 United States

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

How did you do the abortion?

Fine. Not too painful.

What was your situation at this time?

உங்கள் கருக்கலைப்புக்கு மற்றவர்கள் எவ்வாறு பதிலளித்தனர்?

My sister gave me a party that night, many of my friends attended and were all supportive


What is your religion?


10 years ago, at age 32, I had an abortion. The pregnancy was unplanned and I…


I knew exactly what I wanted and needed- to be there for my kids, to find a job


Yo interrumpí un embarazo no deseado.


No es mi primera vez, es mi segunda vez que lo hago y no me arrepiento.


Najtragiczniejsze doświadczenie w życiu...

Po prawie dziesięciu miesiącach od…


No Regrets.


I had an abortion and it changed my life, for better and for worse.

Paula *

Yo acompañe a mi hermana quien pasó por este proceso, siempre fui una persona…


Dokonałam tego co jest zakazane w tym kraju. Nie czuję się winna.


Wczoraj dokonałam aborcji.
Odejście od męża, związanie się z nowym, wydawałoby…


My abortion was what needed to be done at that time. Deep down me I know I…


Moje życie to moje wybory. / My life is my choices.

Lauren Jackson

I got pregnant while in college in Tennessee in 1976 and had an illegal…

Angel M

To była 3 ciąża nieplanowana i niechciana, przede wszystkim przeze mnie. Głupia…

Sylvie Shene

A Life-Saving Experience

Lora Fleming

I had 3 abortions and as a medical student, I helped preform several abortions…




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