kate swanson

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I didn't intend it to, but safe, legal abortion played a huge part in my family planning. I've never had regrets, only relief.

1986 United States

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

How did you do the abortion?

suction aspiration at 5 weeks. took about 5 minutes, mild discomfort, minimal bleeding. staff friendly, supportive.

What was your situation at this time?

Ako reagovali na váš potrat iní ľudia?

I only told my mother, who was totally supportive. She shared with me that she had undergone an illegal abortion in 1954.


What is your religion?


I had 2 abortions

Grace Grace

Y no existe arrepentimiento.


I had an abortion and I do not regret my choice. It is very important to me to…

Lucero Lucero

Creo que por fin tuve control de mi vida.


Pregnancy and abortion - what a trip.


I have had two abortions


Hice lo mejor que pude, estando bajo toda la presión del mundo.

maly min

Si, yo una vez estuve embarazada, de eso no hace mucho y cuando me entere llore…

Ono Kin

Really worked, except for suspicion from customs


My abortion was what needed to be done at that time. Deep down me I know I…


No me arrepiento

Laura Helena

Olá meninas , me chamo Laura , tenho 21 anos ,uma filha linda de 2 aninhos e…


I forgot my birth control for a couple days on a trip, and it was enough to…


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