Tu je niekoľko príbehov o potrate s týmto kľúčovým slovom.

349 peaceful


Fiz um aborto porque adoro crianças e acredito que só podemos deixar um…


I had two abortions by the time I was 23 and a third when I was 29. All…

Claudia Aviles

i had an abortion, and 10 years later i became a mother. you have the right to…

Regina Powell

I had an abortion and I'm about to have another.

Van Nessa

I had an abortion.

Sylvie Shene

A Life-Saving Experience


I have had two abortions

Eléonore Delmas

I had an abortion


I had an abortion and now I feel as strong as before!

Camila Gray

I had an abortion,im having my abortion.


I had an abortion in the US a few years ago. I think it is important for all of…