Abortion Framing Toolkit

Introducing the Abortion Framing Toolkit – your go-to-guide for crafting abortion messages.

Women on Web is proud to introduce the Abortion Framing Toolkit – your companion to crafting abortion messages.

Working in the field of abortion care always involves communication with women and pregnant persons, service users, policy makers, donors, media, and the general public.  

The way we craft our messages has a significant impact on the perceptions and realities around abortion access. It affects:  

    • options that people perceive as available to them, 
    • ability of providers to do their job and provide high quality services, 
    • people’s ability to support us and join abortion advocacy. 

Changing the narratives on abortion is a collective and continuous effort, from local to global and back, and we as a movement are in it for the long run. This toolkit is our contribution to the conversation to make abortions accessible to everyone who needs them in a way that serves their lives, needs, and wishes. 

Available in English, French, Spanish and Thai, you can download the toolkit from our website. Be sure to check out Chapter 4 which explores the 12 common perspectives on abortion!  

If you would like to get in touch, to share your experiences, thoughts or ideas, you can reach out to us at community@womenonweb.org  

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This work was supported by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and developed in collaboration with our project partners: the Global consortium for Abortion and Reproductive Self-care (Global Care), Profamilia, and Ipas