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I had an abortion

2008 (родившийся United Kingdom)

What were your feelings about doing the abortion/s?

I have come to terms with my decision, but am still affected at certain times each month, but it is fading realising there are many more women out there, and I can now talk about it with friends.

How did you do the abortion?

What was your situation at this time?

What is your religion?


Tomé la decisión correcta, tal vez no justa, pero correcta.


La historia, tal cual, detrás mi aborto


Yo aborté.

Karen vargas

Yo Decidí


I was lucky enough to be able to have an NHS surgical termination at 8 weeks.


Miałam aborcje. Dzięki pomocy i wyrozumiałości women on web uda mi się to.


I had an abortion

Dina Wood

I had an abortion.It was illegal in the United States at the time, but I was…


I had an abortion I’m not mad about all the soul-baring on the internet, but I…

Renata k

Fiz um aborto, foi uma escolha. Apesar do medo, foi muito tranquilo e não me…


Bueno yo aborte por que no encontré otra salida...
A principios de diciembre del…

Matka Winna

Moja historia


I was 21, and nowhere near ready or willing to carry and birth a child because…


Yo aborté y es la mejor decisión que pude haber tomado.

Sylwia Zatońska

Ciąża nie powinna być przypadkiem!!!


tenemos derecho a decidir, a no ser juzgadas!!! nosotras también tenemos…

Sabine Ryan

It's not as bad as you think. Please read my story!