Fiz um aborto


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  • Carol

    I woke up in bed, and thought this is a new beginning for him and I. I could smell him making breakfast. I got up and took a hot shower so I could join him but I could already hear his foot steps as he comes in to join me. I kiss him and we are both happy. For the first time in my life, I believe I… Read more »

  • Rin Hira

    Los anticonceptivos no son 100% seguros Read more »

  • Jess

    I regret it till this day.I was 17 at the time and just had my daughter.when i found out I was pregnant again I was scared.I had a horrible labor with my daughter.I was basically paralyzed but in pain.If I moved one finger I would cry in daughter was sent home with her dad well I stayed in… Read more »

  • Vanesa

    Y fue una decisión muy triste, pero necesaria... Read more »

  • Fabi

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  • Filomena

    Mam mieć usunięte maleństwo Read more »

  • Katy Katherine

    Yo aborte con pastillas y me siento muy arrepentida Read more »

  • Alondra Ballesteros

    Esta es mi experiencia durante un aborto. Read more »

  • Cynthia China

    Yo abortr hace 5 y aún siento mucho dolor de cintura aun sangró algunas veces con coágulos peroe preocupa porque sigo con dolor los cuales tengo que calmar con pastillas alguien sabe a que se debe???? Read more »

  • Diana Cisneros

    Lo que jamas imaginé Read more »

  • Marie Johnson

    Cuando me enteré que estaba embarazada supe inmediatamente que sólo tenía dos opciones: Tenerlo o no. Mis condiciones para un embrazo feliz eran casi nulas, veía todas las puertas cerrándose delante de mí, sin contar que debía descuidar mi desarrollo profesional por varios años. Yo no podía contar… Read more »

  • Holly

    Two years after, the grief and guilt is overwhelming. Read more »

  • RO

    Having an abortion will always be the biggest regret of my life, all I feel is emptiness, despite the fact I have a supportive family and partner I have never felt so alone. I used to hate waking up in the morning feeling sick and tired all the time before the abortion I just wanted that to go away… Read more »

  • patricia ...

    No era el momento... Read more »

  • Keire Li

    YO ABORTE Read more »

  • Karo Karo

    Yo tuve esa terrible necesidad Read more »

  • Archana Sharma

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  • Thayla Andrade

    Temos Que Ter Uma Segunda Chance Read more »

  • Catrina

    This website really helpful n informative Read more »

  • Beans

    Bleed heavily with cramps for about 5 hrs and all i see now is just stains. Does it mean the abortion is incomplete? Read more »